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 Мичиганский оборотень (какбы разоблачение) 
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Повідомлення Мичиганский оборотень (какбы разоблачение)

Видеозапись нападения оборотня на оператора в Мичиганском лесу (1977 год)
Комментарий к видео. Перевод.

«В пятницу 10 июня я гостил у своего брата. Вместе с его женой мы смотрели Fox News. Помню как сейчас, в эфир запустили передачу «The Beast of Bray Road». Среди прочих художественных нарезок, дополняющих рассказ ведущей Sean Hannity, я заприметил фрагмент видеозаписи «The Gable Film».

Сюжет Fox News

Гейбл… Гейбл… Я определённо где-то уже слышал это имя…

Мой дядя в бытность студентом (1970-е) подрабатывал кинооператором, снимал семейные праздники и рекламные ролики для местных компаний. Однажды его нанял Мичиганский DNR (Department of Natural Resources investigate), дабы зафиксировать на плёнку растерзанную жертву медведя.

Звали жертву Аарон Гейбл…

Через 2 недели после съёмок дядя, не выдержав ночных кошмаров, спешно собрал вещи и навсегда переехал в Флориду. Копию фильма DNR прислал по его бывшему адресу, мою маму плёнка не заинтересовала и запись на добрых 30 лет отправилась в подвал, где я её, слава Богу, и обнаружил.

Мне удалось восстановить видеодорожку, «The Gable Film» удлинился почти на 2 минуты. Это было не просто, но оно того стоило!

Представляю вашему вниманию полную версию посмертного фильма Аарона Гейбла… »

Хронология событий фильма: до 2:30 идёт обычное домашнее видео (катание на снегоходе, рубка дров, игра с собакой, ремонт пикапа). После 2:30 съёмка ведётся изнутри машины (вероятно, в кабине сидело 2 человек – оператор и водитель, ибо пикап леворульный, а Аарон Гейбл сидит справа), оператор замечает странное существо, выходит из машины, бежит за ним несколько секунд. Неожиданно существо останавливается, разворачивается, за считанные секунды преодолевает десяток метров и нападает на Гейбла. Особо внимательные заметят глаз и пасть существа. На 3:31 запись прерывается…

Замедленная съёмка


Видео разодранного трупа. Съёмка, сделанная в 1977 году дядей автора комментария (см. выше)

http://www.disclose.tv/action/viewvideo ... lm_Part_2/

Источник: Кирилл Левин http://nativum.com/2009/07/22/michiganskij-oboroten/

 оригинал на английском языке
"I was at my little brother's house Friday June 10th and my sister-in-law was watching Fox News. (She's madly in lust with that Sean Hannity guy). A short segment came on about "the Beast of Bray Road". Hannity then played a clip from a film named..."The Gable Film".

Sirens went off in my head.

Our only uncle was a film nut in college, back in the seventies. He was always making home movies and beer commercials. He was even hired, (not for pay), to help the Michigan Department of Natural Resources investigate and document a bear attack, just north of Bellaire. (Our Grandmother worked in the Antrim County Courthouse,.... she had a hand in getting him the gig). The victim's name was Aaron GABLE.


My mother tells us that after filming the attack scene, our Uncle John was so distraught that he packed up his stuff and moved to Florida, two weeks later!. Mom says his behavior was becoming very psychotic, he couldn't sleep at night and he kept going on about how "bears have FIVE toes,..... dogs have four"!. Just a week after he left, a DNR officer hand-delivered the film that Uncle John made to my Mother's house. It's been in a box in the basement ever since.

Now, I seem to recall that these films usually lasted about five minutes or so, but the film we have is only about a minute long... and the end of it was obviously torn off, not cut clean. I wonder just how much is missing? We almost threw this film away just a couple of years ago, but I wound up buying a vintage projector on eBay, just to see what was on this film. (Boy, was I suprised). NOW,..... I find that there's this "Gable" film out there?

I wonder if these two films are related. I'll see if I can get it in better resolution, other than with Wifey's camera-phone. (It might be expensive,..... but I'm sure it'll be worth it)."

Ну, и напоследок, какбы разоблачение

 исповедь мистификатора под ником QuinlanOUR12 (англ. язык)
So why did I make this film?

..... What was my motivation?

What is the reason for this shocking piece of artistic expression?

..... Isn't it obvious?

We all face life's challenging menagerie of grief, trial, and worry on a
daily basis. Many of these challenges are specific and personal, yet some
are very much more immense and menacing than can even be fathomed.

Every day, we ponder the evils we all must face as we go about our lives,.....

..... Is my current employment status secure?, ..... do I look fat in these
jeans? ..... will I be able to retire on just my social security? ..... Where
the Hell is that Rico kid with my next delivery of medicinal marijuana?
..... Is a multitude of evil carniverous mudpuppies about to deluge me from
behind and devour my flesh as I lay sprawled across the sidewalk, screaming in terror?

Very valid and thought-provoking questions, one and all..... yet, with all of the
trivial "Personal" problems we face in life, there are STILL others that threaten
even more than our piece-of-mind, our security,... even our very lives!

..... And it's even bigger than "The Gable Film's" MANBEARPIG!!!!!

LOOMING just over the horizon is a problem that many of us ignore, but it will
not go away. We pretend it isn't real, but it's there....... casting a shadow of
onimance over ALL it surveys. We'd like to believe that it's only a fluke, that
it's only a simple trend that is certain to change......... but it MAY ultimately
lead to the extinction of ALL life on this tattered planet, and with distain for
our own selfish indecisiveness,.....WE can only be the ones to blame, when it does.

That problem is,.....

......... GLOBAL WARMING!!!

Our frail planet is being threatened with catastrophic changes in temperature.
Changes that could very well be irreversable. Our planet is made up of MANY different
climates and all of the Earth's creatures depend on consistancy and stability in
their environment in order to survive. This security is eroding quicker than
Brittany Spears' last two marriages. What the Hell is up with that chick? Did they
ever figure out why she shaved her head? I wish Rico would hustle his little.....

..... Oh, sorry,..... attention deficeit disorder,..... you know. (Damnit,..... where
the Hell is Rico)?

Where was I?

Oh,......... as we look back on Earth's history, we know that the most recent ice age ended about 10,000 years ago as the planet began to thaw. The glaciers that used to COVER North America have since receeded
all the way back to the most Northern regions of the planet..... even past Canada.

(Them Canadians are PISSED,..... they love ice hockey, you know).

But more urgent that that,....... the receeding glaciers and warming climate have brought
about an even more menacing threat to civilization than even Nancy Pelosi's unwashed

..... The overwhelming expansion of the natural habitat and the ghastly population
explosion of the vicious North American Sabre-Toothed Striped Southern Mudpuppy!!!!!!!!

For TEN THOUSAND YEARS, our planet has been slowly warming. Rising water levels, as well
as rising water TEMPERATURES, have been slowly expanding and increasing the natural habitat
of the viscous Striped Southern Mudpuppy! As our surface areas slowly become wetlands, it
is becoming increasingly difficult to stay dry.

.....And when I'm wet,... I make my own gravy.

(This is why I'm so irresistable to the little Bastards)!!!

Soon, the Mudpuppies will inhabit ALL of North America..... and NO-ONE will be safe
from these blood-thirsty vermin!!!

..... I can hear them, right now....... staring at me through the sliding-glass kitchen door,
dipping their chopsticks in soy sauce and drooling all over my front porch!!!

(You're FIRED, RICO,........ ya HEAR ME???!!!)

And that Geiko Gekko,..... HE'S IN ON IT, TOO!!!!!
If he EVER offers you a toasted English Muffin, with butter and jam,.....

.....Just......... say........... NO!!!!!

In summary,..... Calgary will soon be the next Fort Lauderdale, my medication has totally
worn off, and Mudpuppies are coming to get me..

I will end this now and climb atop the refrigerator, curl up into a fetal position and cover
myself with paper plates. I suggest you all do the same.

We MUST do whatever it takes to STOP Global Warming, before it's too late.

.....(DAMN you, Rico)!!!

Настоящее имя шутника Mike Agrusa, американский телеканал History Channel снял целую передачу о том как Майк 'лепил' своего оборотня

Гейбл фильм (так прозвали видео ролик с Мичиганской страшилкой) долгое время озадачивал умы многих специалистов
в области криптозоологии....

P.S. Hoisted from comments: @Funny thing is....there's morons out there who still believe that the Gable film is real...@

На всякий случай перевожу комент дословно: @Забавно .... есть идиоты, которые по-прежнему верят в подлинность Гейбл фильма ...@

Ну? С богом, что ли? Одеваем!

Suum cuique

02 березня 2011, 19:51
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